Latest Environmental News and Issues

Latest Environmental News and Issues

We read about them almost every day. Hear it all over the news. Even watch video documentaries about them. All of this information would not matter at all if we fail to understand and be fully aware of the environmental issues threatening our planet. Here are just some of the few environmental issues.With this enhanced demand and the resultant increased production of the automobiles, a major concern which has emerged is of environmental pollution resulting from the direct exhaust emissions as well as the indirect impacts resulting from the procedures employed in the production units

Specialize. You can't really be jack-of-all trades when in comes to environmental consulting. It's important that you focus your time and energy on one specific field so you can easily become the master of it. Depending on your skills and preferences, you can focus on ecological surveying, legal environmental consulting, environment conservation, and waste water management.There are other issues that are slowing down the shift towards environmentally friendly technologies or fuels. The biggest of these issues is the lack of resources. Lack of funding at the grass root level is hampering the process. Young entrepreneurs like me find themselves in a fix when it comes to raising financing for environmentally safe projects. Resources need to be made available to help support environmental projects.

Film as a medium has the power to communicate the environmental crises we all face emotionally - not just intellectually. Today, for example, I just saw timelapse photos - which become in essence film clips - of glaciers shrinking before your eyes. For the first time ever, you could see global warming. That's the power of film." states Rick Ridgeway, co-founder of Earth Cinema Circle.Eco-friendly promotional products are slowly coming on the market, as can be pretty typical with this industry. A new technology can become popular and still take a while to appear as a promotional product. We've had recycled promotional products for some time now, things like keychains made from recycled plastics and of course some recycled paper goods. Biodegradable corn-based plastics are slowly trickling into most companies' catalogs but it still remains to be seen how popular they end up in general.

If you have checked the premiums for insurance policies covering environmental risks of commercial properties, and you think that it might be too expensive or it might make you initial investments in purchasing the building seem too large of an amount, then you can go check the current Commercial General Liability, or CGL, policy that you have been keeping and paying for. Some of the CGL policies do cover for such incidents of environmental lawsuits though it was not openly declared.Emma's men and women's clothing and accessory lines will be available from February 2010. The clothing will be made from organic and fair-trade certified cotton and the accessories will all be created from recycled products - there's even a necklace made from sweet wrappers! The fresh designs will give young people a green alternative to the dubiously cheap options on the high street.


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