Feline Acne Treatment Tips and Advice

Feline acne is a common problem seen in cats. It is found on the cat's chin & lips. It is generally accepted that this is caused by plastic bowls and for many cats the solution is simply substituting the plastic bowl for a stainless steel bowl or a glass bowl. The problem may be caused by the inability of the cat to clean his chin properly after drinking the milk resulting in a nutrient rich habitat for bacteria.

Several factors appear to be associated with its development including stress, a suppressed immune system, poor grooming habits, the presence of other diseases, contact or atopic dermatitis, and skin conditions in which abnormal amounts of oils are produced. Feline acne is more common during the spring and fall shedding seasons, because this is when the body undergoes a cleansing process. Feline acne occurs equally in male and female cats, and in cats of all ages and breeds. Symptoms are usually mild, and include red, swollen pores or black, clogged pores.

Feline acne can also develop on the lips of some cats. Sebaceous glands secrete oils (known as sebum) which lubricates the skin, preventing dryness & irritation. The sebaceous glands are mostly found in dorsal, eyelids, chin, surface of the base of the tail, lips, scrotum and prepuce. They are connected to the hair follicles. The treatments which are available only control the feline acne in cats but not a permanent cure. Antiseborrheic shampoos which contain benzoyl peroxide are used to treat this type of acne and remove the excess oils.

In case of secondary bacterial infection, oral or topical antibiotics can be used to treat acne. In more severe cases, cleansing the skin with an ointment or gel containing benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine may be of use. Preventive maintenance includes using metal or ceramic feeding dishes as opposed to plastic (since plastic is a breeding ground for bacteria), washing dishes on a frequent and regular basis, and wiping off the cat's face after mealtime. Daily cleaning of a cat's chin using lukewarm salt water can also help reduce the risk of infection.

Sometimes ,Supplementation with fatty acids is beneficial in this type of treatment. Retin-A can be used but it can be applied very rare as it can leads to irritation. Oral retinoid therapy and teratogenic can be given to treat the feline acne in cats.Water dishes made up of stainless steel should be used for the treatment of feline acne. Feline Acne Treatment and Prevention Tips 1.

Topical glucocorticoids to reduce inflammation. 2. Oral glucocorticoids such as prednisone for severe inflammation. 3. Water dishes made up of stainless steel should be used for the treatment of feline acne.

4. Gentle cleansing with an antibiotic soap, hydrogen peroxide, iodine (Betadine) or Epsom salts. 5. Cleansing the skin with an ointment or gel containing benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine may be of use.

6. Oral retinoid therapy and retina-A, this will be used but in rare cases.

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