Good Drinking Water and Drinking Water Filters

Good Drinking Water and Drinking Water Filters

Why do you need drinking water filters? After all, the water you get from public water supply system is safe enough to drink, right? Well, not exactly. The tap water you get or even well water for that matter, can be highly contaminated with substances you cannot even imagine.

How about prescription drugs to begin with? Unfortunately they are one of the most commonly found contaminants in tap water today. Water filters are fast becoming one of the most basic needs for your home today.

The importance of drinking water filters can be explained better with some facts. According to the studies done by various research institutes across the country, the water you get contains fungi, algae, bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals, prescription drugs, organic and inorganic compounds, heavy metals, and excess chlorine or bromine among others. Doesn't sound very healthy does it? These substances are extremely dangerous even in small quantities and over a period of time will cause you health problems.

The risks of drinking contaminated water are considerable. To begin with, you can get waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid, botulism, and amoebiasis. But that is not even the worst part.

The worst part is that there are a number of cancer-causing agents present in water today. Chemicals like benzene come under the category of carcinogens and by drinking water contaminated with these types of chemicals, could lead to cancer. Could there be a better reason to get a drinking water filter?

One of the important things you should know about these contaminants present in water is that they are capable of causing all these problems in an adult body. Just imagine what it could do to a child. Drinking contaminated water can affect your children in two ways.

One - it can cause a lot of very serious diseases. Two, it can hinder your children's normal growth and could lead to long term health problems as well. If you have children, it is absolutely essential that you get a good drinking water filter right now.

As you know, there are a lot of drinking water filters available today. Each of them is different and based on a different purification technology. In order to be able to make the right decision you need to know which one is mediocre and which one is the most effective.

According to studies, drinking water filters based on active carbon block filtration are considered the best at purifying water. While water purification technologies like reverse osmosis and point of use distillation are popular, they are not considered the best by experts due to two important reasons.

First, they are not capable of removing different types of contaminants present in water. Second, they tend to destroy the essential minerals present in water, which are extremely important to your health. Active carbon filtration scores in both these areas, as it is capable of removing different types of contaminants and it retains the essential minerals present in water as well.

One of the biggest advantages of buying an active carbon block drinking water filter is that it removes the chlorine from water and gives you tasty water. As you know, chlorine present in tap water makes it taste awfully bad. An active carbon block can easily remove it and give you pure and tasty water.

Most importantly, it is not as expensive as a reverse osmosis unit or other types of water filter units for that matter. So, you can easily afford to buy one without burning a hole in your pocket.

In my opinion, it cannot get any easier than this. You know what the problem with your drinking water is and you know how to fix it. So, do it today. Get a good drinking water filter today and enjoy drinking pure, tasty water every day for years to come.

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Derek Reeve runs an informational website that provides details of the best water purifiers. If you're serious about improving the quality of water you use visit water purification systems for home to find the most effective, efficient and affordable products available.


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