How To Stop Sweating Without Making Your Wallet Sweat It Out

You have probably read a lot of information and articles on the Internet on ways to prevent body odor but havent had much luck with them. Most probably, thats the reason why you are reading this article in the first place. But the situation that you are in happens with most people. There are a lot more people out there who have a perennial sweating problem. Apart from making them uncomfortable, this also creates a lot of embarrassment, to the point of keeping away from social interactions. That is the reason people do not mind spending a pretty penny on finding effective methods on how to prevent underarm odor.

But do they see much success? Thats really doubtful.

Methods to stop sweating do not come cheap. Look around the Internet at the methods that exist. Or, better still; visit your doctor about this problem. You will be most probably prescribed an antiperspirant. However, you will soon find out that these antiperspirants run out quite fast and you need to buy them quicker than you would want.

Also, you have to step up the dosage that the doctor prescribes, or that mentioned on the label, to see some real effects.

Then there are other much more expensive methods like Botox injections and surgeries. Botox injections have shown some effect in stopping underarm sweating, but these methods are painful. Surgery can be also done to stop the effects of the sebaceous glands (sweat glands), but you must know that surgeries can lead to compensatory sweating. That means, you may stop sweating in the area you got operated, but you may start sweating more somewhere else.

That is why you must try finding out inexpensive and more natural ways to stop your excessive sweating problem.

There are many such ways you can use actually. Changing your diet helps. Some foods (most proteins) can make you sweat more. If you use more fibrous foods, they help your digestion, and in an indirect way that helps reduce your sweat too.

Bathing often also helps in a small way to keep your sweat at a minimum. When you bathe, it opens up your sweat pores and that helps the sweat to dry faster, which means it remains on your body for a lesser period of time.

In recent times, there are some unique exercise methods developed that claim to stop a sweating problem.

This sounds quite unconventional because exercise actually makes people sweat. But these exercises are not what you may think. They are some simple kinds of movements that you need to do for just about half a minute in a day.

Such methods are definitely very good and economical solutions on how to stop smoking. They are quite natural and they are lighter on your wallet too. You will find several such methods over the Internet.


About the Author (text)Sean is a medical counselor and among other things he writes on how to stop sweating. You can read his articles by visiting the website mentioned below:

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